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Magdi Badawy: Nonduality

There is no higher contemplation than the contemplation of truth, the contemplation of the reality and universality of consciousness.

Our inquiry into the belief that consciousness is personal and limited as well as our contemplation and love of truth removes the sense of lack and separation revealing the eternity and infinity of consciousness.

Live Zoom Meetings

Feel warmly welcome to join Magdi's free Live Zoom Satsang.

It usually starts with a guided meditation and then Magdi is available for sharing and questions.

Please RSVP via Meetup.CauselessPeace.com.
If this is too complicated, please email for the Zoom link: Magdi@CauselessPeace.com 

Since 2011 Magdi is offering Satsang (gatherings of truth lovers: starting with a meditation, followed by the opportunity to ask questions). Magdi speaks out of his own experience and points directly to the source, to our true and universal nature. 

March 18th, 2022:

A short interview, introducing Magdi Badawy:


Since 2011 Magdi has been offering Satsang.

Satsang is a gathering of truth lovers: starting with a meditation, followed by the opportunity to ask questions.

Magdi speaks out of his own experience and points directly to the source, to our true nature. A pointing from the source to the source.

Magdi Badawy

Magdi lives in Temecula California. He speaks out of his direct experience about the most important human discovery…  Not belief or hope, but the direct path to causeless happiness. The pathless path.

After an initial glimpse in 1973, Magdi became a Zen Practitioner under the guidance of Roshi Philip Kapleau at the Rochester Zen Center and later on of Toni Packer at the Springwater Center.

Magdi met the Advaita teacher Francis Lucille in 2010 and has followed his teaching.


Since March 2022 Magdi is exploring Podcasts as a channel to make this simple but profound teaching/insight available for everyone who has an intuition that life has much more to reveal about its essence.

Many of Magdi's recordings are available on his YouTube Channel.

About Magdi

Who is Magdi Badawy…

A householder, a friend, a neighbor, a truth lover. Someone with whom you can share and explore your interest in truth, peace and happiness.

What are you teaching…

I am not teaching anything that you do not already know and yet is hidden from you. In sharing my experience and my contemplative process, I am reminding  you and pointing directly to your essential nature, the innate causeless freedom and happiness that you are.

I am encouraging you to contemplate that you are not what you imagine yourself to be. I am sharing a methodology which may free you from the unhappy sense of limitation and from the grip of negative emotions.

What is in it for "me"...

Well, this may be a shocking statement at first, but there is no such thing as a ‘me’. Me is a misnomer for I. I refers to the reality which is truly perceiving this perception right now. Upon guided inquiry, contemplation and reflection, you may come to understand and realize that I is formless awareness. This understanding will permeate your being and relieve you from the unhappy sense of separation which unknowingly, haunts you.

Where do I start?

Start by understanding that above all, that which you wish for is causeless peace and happiness. Causeless means that it cannot be found in objects, in relationships, in experiences, in states or situations. Be clear that causeless happiness is real. Ask yourself what is the direct path to it. Not happiness tomorrow, but happiness right now.

What do I have to do…

Be clear about that which you love. And live accordingly.

How do I know that I am making progress…

You know you are making progress when you are more and more causelessly happy. When you are less and less disturbed by world body mind events, no matter how they may appear to you.

What do I really want…

This is an important question for you to figure out.

How much does it cost?

Are you selling water at the river?

It will cost you everything and nothing.

There is a saying: ‘That which is real never comes into existence and that which comes into existence is not real.


Satsang is a holy meeting of like minded people gathering around their shared love for truth. Satsang is a meeting at the level of the mind and heart. In Satsang we explore via higher reasoning the nature of experience and we soak in the divine presence which is available, as Jesus said, whenever two or more meet in my name (I am).

Can I trust you?

Trust your understanding.

Trust your inner intuition and trust that with which you resonate. 

Understanding is about the message and not the messenger. Follow your inner guidance.

Magdi is a friend along the path.

If your contemplation and your understanding is true, you will know it internally. You will find yourself happier and happier without any cause. The perfume of peace, love, beauty and understanding will fulfill you.

We do not speak about transformation or about gaining anything or attaining any state. Rather we speak about understanding and about clarity about our true nature which is veiled by false beliefs about ourselves, about consciousness.

Although we have an inkling of our true nature, the causeless peace of being, we are entangled in thinking on behalf of a separate me, a separate self which does not exist outside of our belief in it.

"My life has taken on new meaning. 

I’m alive, present, and so appreciative of Magdi’s teachings, 

which makes it possible to be myself in a deeper way."

Judy, Marketing Specialist

"I have joined Magdi's Satsang a year ago, and it had a profound effect on my understanding of the nature of our common shared reality. Through gentle poetic and compassionate guidance, the dissolution of seeking and resistance and the opening to the light and the unknown has been an ongoing revelation of our true being moment by moment." (2020)

Nathan, Veterinarian in London

                                                       View from Magdi's home in Temecula

"It is known that the unreal never comes to be, 

and the real never ceases to be.

The certainty of both of these principles 

is seen by those who see the truth."

Bhagavad Gita 2:16

"I love Magdi's simple profound meditations and clarifications.

Like a skillful unpretentious master surgeon who effortlessly removes the old burdensome me-identity with all its adhesions and scars.

His words deeply resonate in the empty openness I am; imbued with love and humility.

It is most precious and practical to be gently guided out of the maze of 'me' into the causeless peace and generosity of simply 

'I am'.

Thank you Life."


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